The F2P MMO Allods Online will be recieving a massive content update in February called the Game of Gods. The update not only brings new quests and a new raid dungeoN, but there’s also a new class, the Bard ans stacks of new quests.
The content update will include:

New Quests: Meet the gods of Sarnaut and unravel the mysteries of this strange universe’s creation and destruction in a series of over 100 story-driven quests.
New Raid: Challenge 10 powerful bosses in an epic raid designed for the most skilled players.
New Bard Archetype: Master new skills and a new play style with the completely new bard class.
Great Rank: Win ultimate renown by completing an epic quest series to gain an extra skill point, customization slot, and more to make an even stronger character.
Bigger Battlegrounds: Team up to defeat opposing players in the new 12v12 PvP Battlegrounds.
Expanded Astral: Brave the lethal fourth layer of Astral Space with its 13 all new astral allods.
Faster Ship Combat: Spin the ship and fire the cannons faster than ever with newly revamped physics for astral ship battles.
Increased Level Cap: Achieve new heights of power as the level cap expands from 47 to 51.
Share with Friends: Record all your victories with an automatic, opt-in social network system.


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