Euro Truck Simulator 2

SCS Software must be in a really good mood lately. They just dropped a big new update for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. But the smooth moves don’t stop there. Almost all of SCS’ products are now going at steep discounts over on Steam. This includes full games as well as all of their add-on content. Thus, you can pick-up the two aforementioned simulators for dirt cheap, along with their various expansion packs and content upgrades.

Let’s start with the old-timer that keeps on getting bigger, Euro Truck Simulator 2. The simulator itself is now going for a mere $5. That’s a discount of a whopping 75% (it normally costs $20). Thanks to this sale, you can pick up all of the map expansions that have been released so far (Italia, Vive la France, Scandinavia, and Going East) for just $24.56. So, if you don’t have the game already, that means you can get ETS 2 + all of the maps for just $30. Not a bad value at all! There are various other DLC packs adds new gameplay features such as the Special Transport pack, so make sure to browse around and pick out what you like.

For those of you who are stateside, then American Truck Simulator is the more familiar option. It’s also going for $5. This title has a single map expansion so far, New Mexico, which Steam has discounted to $7.19. Make sure to check out the other DLC packs too.

These are just some of the options related to ATS and ETS 2. SCS has some other simulators on the list as well, such as Bus Driver – a neat bus-driving simulator built on top of the old 18 Wheels of Steel engine. Click this link to be taken to the full selection of all the SCS content that’s on sale. These discounts will last for the next few days, coming to an end on September 24, 2018.

A.K Rahming
Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.

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