If you haven’t yet cast your eyes over our hands-on preview of Max Payne 3’s multiplayer, then you really should because it’s looking quite delightful.
Part of the reason it looks so promising is because of the inclusion of ‘Bursts’, special perks that drastically alter the way your character plays by bestowing him/her with a special ability.
Most obvious of the examples we’ve seen so far is the series’ trademark Bullet Time, which triggers a slow-motion effect in a bid to get yourself one up on the enemy. Our preview has more info on how such a thing works in the online arena.
Other Bursts bestow extra health upon you, increase your damage and sabotage enemy weapons.
Below is a breakdown of the one’s we’ve seen so far, complete with how they alter as you level them up to the maximum third rank.
Big Dog 

Level 1: Boosts your health and nearby teammates’ health
Level 2: Health boost affects all visible teammates
Level 3: Health boost affects all teammates 


Level 1: Launches spotter flares above the enemy team
Level 2: You see the position of enemies visible to a teammate
Level 3: Your entire team sees the positions of every enemy

Trigger Happy

Level 1: Grants armor piercing ammunition for 20 seconds
Level 2: Grants and LMG .30 and DE .50 and increases accuracy
Level 3: Grants a rotary Grenade Launcher with extra ammo


Level 1: Your name appears as friendly to enemies for 10 seconds
Level 2: Increases duration of the affect to 30 seconds
Level 3: Affect now lasts until death

Bullet Time

Level 1: Adrenaline sharpens your reflexes for 2.5 seconds
Level 2: Increases duration of the affect to 4 seconds
Level 3: Increases duration of the affect to 6 seconds


Level 1: Members of the enemy team see each other as enemies
Level 2: Enables friendly fire and a bounty for one enemy
Level 3: Enemies enable friendly fire and bounties for the enemy team

Weapon Dealer

Level 1: Your team does consume ammunition for 10 seconds
Level 2: Increases duration of the affect to 20 seconds
Level 3: Also grants incendiary ammunition for the full duration

Weapon Double Dealer

Level 1: Enemies lose all their weapons attachments
Level 2: Enemies lose their backup magazines and ammunition
Level 3: Enemies drop their extra grenades to the ground, primed



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