Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC released

Available today is the new Max Payne 3 DLC called Painful Memories. The DLC includes four new maps, new avatar factions, new weapons and items.

The four new multiplayer maps in this update include  NYC’s Roscoe Street Subway from the original Max Payne, Marty’s Bar,  Shoot First and Canal De Panamá. The avatar factions feature four of the faces from the DLC casting event for the De Marco crime family and the Panamanian The United Souls of The People paramilitary group.

As far as weapons are concerned, the arsenal now features the military issue UAR-21 and IMG 5.56.

Finally, items added include the calculator which gives one kill for every two assists that you tally, the betting slip where you can earn money for kills by your teammates, and the hip flask which protects you from sniper fire and stops all effects of the Hangover Burst.

The DLC is available now priced £19.99 on the PC.

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