The latest Max Payne 3 map pack DLC release is begging for a joke about buyer’s remorse, but I shall refrain from going in that all-too-obvious direction. Instead, let’s get factual about what Rockstar is dubbing “Painful Memories”. It’s out on 4 December, and it’ll feature four new multiplayer maps for you to cause mayhem on.

‘Roscoe Street Subway’ will take you back to the original Max Payne, while ‘Shoot First’ will let you lark about on a swanky yacht. Elsewhere, you’ll be engaging in gang warfare on ‘Canal de Panama’ and flashing back to awful drinks and cheap decor in ‘Marty’s Bar’.

Alongside those maps, you’ll get “the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, new avatars, items and the Hangover Burst, which causes enemies to respawn with blurred vision, reduced stamina and health.”

“Painful Memories” will cost $10 USD; or nothing if you bought the Rockstar ‘Season Pass’ for this title.

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