Max Payne 3’s DLC wraps up with four new multiplayer modes

Max Payne 3

Tomorrow’s release of the ‘Deathmatch Made in Heaven’ add-on will bring Max Payne 3’s DLC schedule to a close with four new multiplayer modes. This is the final pack from the game’s Season Pass, so if you bought one of those you’ll be receiving it like all the rest. If not, and you still fancy it, it’ll cost £7.29 GBP.

Of the four modes, ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a co-op horde-type which puts you and a buddy up against endless waves of enemies. ‘Run & Stun’ casts one player as the goblin-like Saci who can add players to his team with each kill. In ‘Marked Man’ players will earn points for completing vendettas, while in ‘Time Attack’ a kill timer is added to the traditional deathmatch, urging you to get your next hit before the score ebbs away.

For more about all of those modes, head over to Rockstar’s site.

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