Rockstar has released some updated details about what to expect in the delayed ‘Hostage Negotiation’ DLC pack for Max Payne 3. The studio has also apologised for the delay and confirmed that the DLC will be coming “this fall” (which, technically, can stretch all the way to December).

When it is finally released, you can expect four new multiplayer maps. Club Moderno and Estádio Do Galatians are said to be designed as ” intense nightclub and stadium shootouts”, while the idea behind O Palácio Strip Club and Favela Heights is to “introduce to multiplayer all new, highly detailed favela territories”.

A few items will be included as well, described as follows: “two new weapons: the M24 Sniper Rifle and the IA2 Assault Rifle, the new Explosive Burst for explosive booby traps, the Bomb Suit item to protect against explosive damage and the Intimidation Mask item to cause slower reload times for your enemies.”

“Our apologies to Max Payne fans who’ve been waiting for this one and the other upcoming packs – we’re working hard to bring you this and all the other DLC and should have a release date to announce for this next pack very soon,” Rockstar adds.

When it goes on sale, ‘Hostage Negotiation’ will cost 800 MS Points ($10 USD) on Xbox Live, PSN and PC. If you own a ‘Rockstar Pass’ (which may no longer be feeling like such a great purchase after all these delays and consolidations to the DLC releases), this is one of the DLCs you’re entitled to have for free.

Source: Rockstar Blog

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