Maxis confirms 16 cities per SimCity ‘region’


Yesterday, EA and Maxis released a video showing some of the in-region SimCity multiplayer that players will be able to engage in. Each region will support multiple cities, which can be played in single player, or sub-contracted out to your friends (in the trailer, the narrator handed control of supplying power over to the city of his fellow developer).

In total, each region will be able to support 16 cities. Maxis has released a new screenshot showing an overview of one of those regions (which you can see above), and says that this region view screen will show you what kinds of resources are available in each available city-space.

According to Maxis, this is what the new SimCity will be all about: “Multi-city gameplay where each of the cities takes on a specialized role that can help propel the region to greatness.” Whether you choose to play the entire region on your own, or invite some friends to participate (and possibly ship you a bundle of radioactive waste), is up to you.

SimCity is due for release on 8 March 2013.

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