SimCity (3)

Another day, another SimCity update. As we know loads of you have been either waiting to get on or are enjoying the game, we’ll keep you posted on these as they appear.

Today it’s another server update, this time from Assistant Producer Kyle Dunham who goes over exactly what has been updated on the servers in the past 24 hours. A new South America server is going online, there’s now 24 servers running in total and city rollbacks are being addressed.

I just wanted to give you a little insight on the progress we made yesterday and our priorities for this week. Like Lucy mentioned in our update yesterday, we’ve begun upgrading several of our servers to both increase their capacity and mitigate connection issues. This process has been going well and we successfully upgraded 10 servers yesterday: NA West 2, EU West 1-4, EU East 2-3, and Oceanic 1-2. Today we’re working on upgrading our remaining servers, so bear with us as we take them offline one-by-one to perform these upgrades. While this is going on, we also released the new server South America today, bringing our total server count up to 24, including our Test server. While this is going on, we’re also improving the overall gameplay experience. We’ve already started addressing some of the issues we’ve been seeing with some of our players are having with trading intermittency and cities rolling back.

Stay tuned for more updates.

In tomorrow’s IncGamers Vidcast, which will be broadcast live at 7:30PM GMT on our Twitch channel, we’ll be discussing the SimCity problems as well as the other hot stories from the past seven days. Tune in if you can, and if you can’t make it, then the show will be online as usual on Wednesday here on the site.

If you have missed any updates this week you can find them all here

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