Maxis tease the future of SimCity

SimCity has been moving in the right direction following its rather frustrating launch with bugs being squashed and few new features being added along the way.

The game is still not perfect, despite the recent tunnels and bridges update which does improve city layouts and traffic flow. It also partially helps alleviate the most annoying restriction in the game which is the small maps sizes.

But what does the future hold? It looks like we could be finding out in a couple of days following this tease from Maxis this evening.


There is really only one thing that players of SimCity want to see and they’ve been asking for it since launch. Bigger maps! We don’t like to harp on about it but c’mon Maxis, just do it!

Perhaps Maxis watched in awe this afternoon as Blizzard gave in and announced the removal of the auction house from Diablo 3 and it’s spurred them on to give us ginormous maps. Now that would be great.

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