MechWarrior Online

A new patch for Mechwarrior Online was released this morning, adding ‘conquest mode’ to the game along with a number of other changes. ‘Conquest’ is a standard ‘capture and hold’ multiplayer mode, where five key locations are marked on the map and players get points for holding them over time. It’s a handy way of shaking up maps where people ignore certain areas.

Apparently this patch has also radically altered the ‘C-Bill’ economy in the game. Repair and rearm are no longer part of the equation, so you keep everything you earn in a match. However, the developers have redistributed the way players earn C-Bills and “you have to contribute to your team” to do so. Read more about the economic stuff in the full patch notes, here.

Finally, there are three new mechs to buy: Flame and Fang (twin Dragon mechs) and the Stalker. You can try them out on a brand new map, River City at night.

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