March 30th, 2017

MechWarrior Online edges closer to open Beta with more updates

Piranha games are getting closer to bring MechWarrior Online to their open Beta phase which was recently pushed back to apply more tweaks to the game. In an update this evening they have outlined changes and additions prior to the Beta kicking off.

Added are  the Cicada (CDA) Mechs as well as 3 more variants of existing Mechs. There’s also new upgrades available which include Ferro Fibrous armor, Endo-Steel Internal Structure and Double Heat Sinks.

New Hero Mech

There’s also an update to the game’s economy with a standardised pricing model and the lowering of prices on engines with an increase in item prices. Now the average MC cost for mechs has been reduced while more advanced equipment can cost more.

The first ‘Hero Mech’, a customised  Centurion called the Yen-Lo-Wang is also now live on the servers to play with and it comes with its own skin, 30% permanent C-Bill gain boost. We took it for a spin earlier this evening and it does look great.

The full list of patch note changes can be found on the official website along with a graph detailing the economy changes.

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