As the last month of the year, December brings with it a more than just being a cap to 2015. It is also the last month of the Q4, and of course, gift giving season. The Holidays this year are blessing everyone with the release of MechWarrior Online as it comes to Steam on December 10th.

“For this ‘Mech-tacular celebration, we would like to invite 50 members of the community to join our party in Vancouver! That’s you!!–MechWarrior Online Dev. Team

So, if you’d like to be one of the 50 people attending the shindig for the mech-launch, then hit up the application form on the page for the official site. The event takes place December 11, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you’re in the US, make sure you’ve got your passport squared away.

Although MechWarrior Online is kicking off its Steam debut, the game can also be downloaded here. Need the system requirements? Check them out below:


Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7
Processor Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz/X2 245e i5-2500/X4 650
Video Card 8800GT/HD5600 GTX 285/HD 5830
Hard Drive Space 8GB 16GB
Direct X 9 11
Greg Bargas
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