MechWarrior Online roadmap promises to “maintain improved pace of development”

MechWarrior Online roadmap promises to “maintain improved pace of development”

Piranha Games has a lot planned for MechWarrior Online next month and it’s been outlined in a new roadmap.

MechWarrior Online is due to launch in Steam for the first time on 10 December which is a big move for the developer who will be looking to significantly increase the player base.

Piranha Games president Russ Bullock has outlined their commitment to the development of the game once it arrives on Steam promising a continuation of speedier development. Piranha has been criticised in the past for not adding features and additions fast enough.

“With December almost here we’re finally approaching the December 10th Steam release date. A lot has been built up around this release, but beyond the anticipated influx of new players the Steam release doesn’t change anything for you, the current MWO player. We are absolutely not finished with development on MechWarrior; we have every intention of maintaining the improved pace of development seen in 2014/2015 on into the year 2016 and beyond. The next phase of Community Warfare, now termed Faction Play, is going to be a major improvement in early 2016, and we look forward to filling everyone in on other plans for MechWarrior in the future.”

A full plan for the next month has been posted which includes the release of the Marauder, another balance pass, new cockpit monitors, mech hitbox revisions, and more on 1 December.

The launch on Steam will bring the addition of Steam Achievements on the 10th of December, and on the 15th there’s the release of the Origins IIC Clan ‘Mechs. An optional reticule/crosshair change is also coming for colour blind players.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Yosharian

      New and improved Mechwarrior Online, with the ability to be forced to play game modes you hate in order to get reduced queue times! (disclaimer: queue times not actually reduced)

      Haven’t touched it for a month.

      • Ozmodiar Flanker

        unfortunately i have to agree – with over 6000 drops over the last 3.5 years the inability to select the mode i want to play has pretty much sucked the pleasure out of playing the game for me. for me choosing a light mech to play the assault/skirmish mode is a waste of time since you are scored on damage and kills, like-wise choosing a heavy/assault mech to play the conquest mode (which nobody votes for so it’s never played anymore anyways) when speed is needed to capture is a stupid choice.

        best part – PGI spent all this time and cash to add voting in to reduce queue times, meanwhile they are going to Steam which will add a pile of new players which will – you guessed it – have reduced queue times by itself anyways. way to put some thought into this, PGI!

        • Yosharian

          nearly 5k drops here =p