Medal Of Honor Will Have Peek And Lean

Medal of Honor executive producer Greg Goodrich has told IncGamers that “certain things will remain” from past iterations of the franchise.”Nowadays there are certain things that a first-person shooter player expects, and we want to make sure that we’re doing something that they’re accustomed to, and what we like and what our fans like,” Goodrich told us. “There are also things that the Medal of Honor player expects; things that have been in this franchise since its infancy.”What sort of things, you ask? “Peek and lean is something that has always been in Medal of Honor, and we’ll keep that,” Goodrich told us.”Even though we’re moving onto a new war, a new enemy, and a new warrior, there are certain things that will remain, independent of what the timeframe is and who the enemy is.”Expect our full Medal of Honor interview next week. For now, you can have a look at some new screens of the game which appeared yesterday.

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