Microsoft has announced they have decided on their next CEO, Satya Nadella. Steve Ballmer is retiring early to make way for Satya to take over as soon as possible. Satya has worked in Microsoft for 22 years and has been a longtime manager in the company’s Cloud and Enterprise group.

In his 1st email as CEO to employees, Satya revealed that Bill Gates has also retired as Chairman, replaced by John Thompson. Gates will continue to work with Microsoft as a technology advisor.

Satya was born in Hyderabad, India, to a Telugu Brahmin family. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked in Sun Microsystems technology staff. In Microsoft, he rose up the ranks and was a key figure in Microsoft’s entry into the cloud business, now one of the company’s most successful businesses.

We don’t completely know yet how Satya’s ascendance, or the other changes in Microsoft, will affect Xbox, not to mention PC gaming. What we do know is that this is a ripe time for change in Microsoft, and the tech world at large.

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