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PC Invasion

Meet the factions of Planetside 2 [Video]

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new video of Planetside 2, albeit not one of the game in motion. Instead, it’s a handy, voiced guide to the factions of the game; which means shots of slowly rotating chaps in futuristic military garb. So, sit back and meet the militaristic Terran Republic (who favour rapid, well-drilled assaults), the New Conglomerate (plucky, scavanging rebels) and the Vanu Sovereignty (weirdo hoarders who love the hell out of alien technology).
Don’t forget that beta registrations for the title opened yesterday, and be sure to stop by our interview with creative director Matt Higby for more in-depth details about the game.
The MMO shooter will be free to play when it launches on PC in 2012.