Meet We Happy Few’s Playable Characters

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has undergone plenty of changes throughout its development. The psychedelic roguelike started as a game where players used crafting to survive in a post-war society where mood-altering drugs placate the masses. Subsequent versions released throughout its early access period focused more on storytelling than survival. And now, as it marches towards an August release date, We Happy Few strikes a twisted balance between 1960s mod culture, survival sim elements, and story-driven gameplay.  The game’s latest trailer introduces viewers to the game’s three playable characters.

Arthur We Happy Few

Arthur has a knack for crafting.

Meet Arthur Hastings:

First up is Arthur Hastings. Hastings was the game’s original main character, who’s been a part of We Happy Few since it was announced. He seems to be a handyman of sorts, based off of his penchant for turning pipes and other debris into weapons.

Sally We Happy Few

Sally uses stealth to survive.

Meet Sally Boyle:

Sally Boyle, the second character, has a knack for experimentation. Boyle’s chemistry skills allow her to craft up various concoctions that can knock out unsuspecting foes with ease.

Ollie We Happy Few

Ollie uses his military experience to cause chaos.

Meet Ollie Starkey:

And finally, there’s Ollie Starkey. Starkey’s an absolute brute compared to We Happy Few‘s other playable characters. He’s shown pushing senior citizens, throwing explosives, and generally causing chaos.

Following the character introductions, the trailer showcases We Happy Few‘s crafting systems and stealth mechanics. Players can create weapons from everyday junk and stalk the streets. Also sprinkled throughout the video are a few scenes that tease out the game’s story elements. We Happy Few — despite its seemingly bright, trippy visuals — has a dark underbelly. And if the ‘ABCs of Happiness’ trailer is anything to go off of, the final product has plenty of potential to shock and delight.

We Happy Few releases on PC and Xbox One August 10.

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