Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection brings 10 games to PC in 2023

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

More Mega Man games are coming to PC in 2023. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is on its way, and it contains 10 different titles from the series. This was announced during Nintendo’s Direct Mini Partner Showcase along with a trailer that showed off some gameplay from the upcoming collection.

The Mega Man Battle Network games are perhaps some of the more interesting spin-offs from the series. As opposed to being your usual action platformer, these games do something different. In fact, they take an approach more akin to an action RPG. If you’re a fan of Mega Man and want something a bit different, this collection could be perfect.


While the Battle Network Legacy Collection does indeed have 10 titles, the title is a bit misleading. There are technically only six Battle Network games included. The extra four titles consist of the extra versions for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Battle Network installments. For example, Mega Man Battle Network 4 has two versions, Blue Moon and Red Sun. Both versions of each title are more than worth playing through, as they do offer a fair amount of differences.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will also offer the same sort of bonus content as the other collections. Players can expect to unlock bonuses like concept art and listen to a built-in music player. There’ll also be an option to use a high-resolution filter to smooth out the jagged pixels. But, if you’re a fan of that retro look, you can always choose to leave this turned off.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Replay Mega Man Battle Network in 2023

For now, we don’t have a specific release date for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. All we know is that it’ll release sometime in 2023. Digital versions of the game will be split between two volumes. This is similar to how the other collections are usually divided. Physical versions of the game will feature all the games in the collection at once.

It’s nice to see Capcom give some love to Mega Man Battle Network. These are unique entries into the series that are absolutely worth a playthrough, and that’s especially true for any hardcore Mega Man fans that have yet to give them a shot.

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