Men Of War: Vietnam Details

Following closely behind Men of War: Assault Squad but hiding in trees and tunnels so it can’t be seen properly is Men of War: Vietnam.

1C Company’s RTS series has been WWII-based up to this point, so Vietnam will be quite a change of scenery. Although the setting is less of a departure for videogaming than it used to be (with Call of Duty: Black Ops also planning a visit to South East Asia) Men of War: Vietnam promises something unusual – a chance to play as the Viet Cong.

RockPaperShotgun’s Alec Meer had a chance to play the game and confirms that it “includes a fully VC campaign.” We’ll take his word for that because WE WEREN’T THERE, MAN. Ahem.
By the early sounds of things, cover will be crucial in keeping your little chaps alive for longer than five seconds. As the screens (below) show, there will also be obligatory ‘nam choppers and boats. We hope to see considerable amounts of moral ambiguity too.

Men of War: Vietnam should be coming out of the trees later this year, on PC.