May 25th, 2017

Men of War: Vietnam patch reduces game’s difficulty

If ever a game needed a patch to reduce it’s difficulty, it’s Men of War: Vietnam.
Happily, the game about which I wrote “whatever your mission objectives happen to be you can be sure of this; they will be bastard hard to complete” and “The solo parts of MoW:V, quite frankly, kicked my arse” has received exactly that.
As well as reducing the difficulty barrier on ‘easy’ and ‘normal’ levels, both the Vietnamese and US campaigns will now be unlocked from the start of the game (meaning you don’t have to complete every single Vietnam mission before playing the American ones).
Also of interest is the inclusion of full editing capabilities, meaning “Players can create their own scenarios and maps, opening virtually unlimited possibilities for customization and mod support”. Hurrah.
The patch will automatically be applied to Steam versions of the game, but you can grab it from here too (it’s 280mb).

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