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Crossing the Early Access bridge towards Fullreleaseville.

At one point, Men of War: Assault Squad 2  was scheduled for a full release in the first quarter of this year. That obviously didn’t quite happen, but if you still want to be playing it RIGHT NOW then you do have the option of dipping into Steam’s Early Access realm where you will now find this title.

It comes with the standard warning from developers Digitalmindsoft pretty much saying “look, don’t buy this yet unless you know what you’re in for,” which reads as follows:

If you want to have the best possible Men of War experience we strongly recommend to wait for the full game. Playing the Early Access is at your own risk and you will very likely encounter issues that will not be present in the final version. The game is still actively in development so many things will change during this phase.

But if you want to ignore that and get stuck in to some early Men of War: Assault Squad 2 action, here’s what you’ll get at this point. 15 of a proposed 40 single player skirmish missions will be available in Early Access, as will a few multiplayer and co-op options. The US, Soviets and Germany are all available as playable factions right now.

As the title approaches the new release date of Q2 2014 (somewhere between April and the end of June,) Digitalmindsoft will expand what’s available in Early Access. So expect more single player missions, more multiplayer maps and options and, I’d imagine, significant balance changes. By release day (whenever that ends up as,) you’ll have the full retail version of the game.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is currently priced at $28.00 USD, as it’s 20% off.

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