Beyond the screenshots and video you’ll find in this news piece, I don’t know a great deal about Mercenary Ops. I’m aware that it’s PC-only; and I know it’s a third-person multiplayer shooter. That’s … about it.
Wait, I also know that it’s being developed in China by Yingpei Games (‘Yingpei’ meaning ‘Epic’ in Mandarin). So, is Yingpei tied to the US Epic Games at all? The answer isn’t exactly clear. After reading around a bit, I’ve found that Epic US describes the relationship as follows: “They use our tech, they sell it, they make their own games, nothing new to report”.
Publisher Delkans is even more mysterious, without even a website to their name (that I could find, anyway).
So, enjoy what little footage there is, below.

World of Warplanes dev diary #1 [Video]

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