Meridian: New World

Elder Games are getting ready for release with a final push of their RTS Meridian: New World as a new unit and more are added.

I rather like what I’ve played of Meridian: New World in Early Access and the good news today is more content has been added to the game in this fourth phase of game updates.

This latest version brings a much-needed new unit to the game in the form of the Vanguard, a new weapon called the Charger Cannon, a new skirmish map, commander level increase and more achievements.

Bugs have also been addressed and a couple of changes to the map editing. I sincerely hope that at some point online multiplayer will be added to the game with an upgrade or DLC because this RTS shows some real potential.

Here’s your patch notes for today:


– New unit: the “Vanguard” is available from the Heavy Factory
– New weapon: the “Charger Cannon” is available as an equipment option once it is researched at the Laboratory
– New skirmish map: “Conflict” is an 1v1 map with a related achievement if you can beat a hard AI on that map
– Raised commander level cap to 35, allowing you to unlock more abilities or further upgrade existing ones
– Added 10 new achievements


– Fixed a bug which caused “you need to set one slot to ‘player'” to be displayed in the skirmish window even if there was a player slot
– Boost Construction, Boost Production and Boost Fire Rate is now displayed below the unit health bars when activated
– The AI will now decide whether to construct a Heavy Factory or a Landing Pad based on the current situation
– Fixed a bug which caused the AI to place a Shardium Mine and a Landing Pad simultaneously, causing it to build neither and freeze
– Fixed a bug which caused Railguns to not cause splash damage when equipped to Light Tanks or Scouts
– Improved visual quality of the Fighter, Bomber and Heavy Fighter units to make it easier to identify which team they belong to
– Fixed a bug which caused newly produced Heavy Fighters to have 2 armor instead of 1
– Fixed a bug which caused infantry and airborne death animations to stay on the map even after loading a saved game or starting a new game
– Fixed a bug where ctrl + left clicking a unit would select units but wouldn’t display the unit selection interface
– Hours will now be displayed properly when displaying mission time on the victory / defeat screens


– Added the “Env_UpdateLaserGate” function which allows you to draw a set of laser beams between two tiles
– Attack-move orders given from script won’t affect worker units anymore

The game is available now over on Steam Early Access.

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