Plus: Developer Ede Tarsoly hosts AMA session on Twitch TV tomorrow

Meridian: New World will transition into Early Access Phase 2 on Monday, May 5th, 2014.

To celebrate the launch of Phase 2, the developer of the game Ede Tarsoly will be hosting an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) while simultaneously streaming his gameplay on Twitch. This will happen tomorrow, May 3rd 2014, at approximately 5 p.m. CET  /  4 p.m. GMT  /  11 a.m. EST  /  8 a.m. PST. During the broadcast Ede will show off his skills at his own game and give a sneak peek into the new content of Monday’s update.

The transition to Phase 2 contains the following updates for current and new users alike:

Users of the Standard Edition will receive access to two new missions in the campaign as well as an extensive patch, resulting from all the feedback received during the first phase. Additionally, some new gameplay content will be released with the update.

Users of the Contributors Edition will – in addition to the above mentioned – receive an update of the map editor and a brand new downloadable cut scene. The main features introduced in the game update will be:

  • missions 4 and 5 of the campaign
  • 14 new unlockable achievements
  • a new unit (called the Heavy Trooper)
  • a huge patch resulting from players feedback during Phase 1

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