Metacritic users attack Portal 2

User review scores for Portal 2 coming in far lower than those of the critics.
Portal 2, currently averaging a critic score of 95/100 across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, is seeing user review averages as low as 6.6.
Users are attacking the game primarily on the basis of its short single-player campaign length, Valve’s approach to day-one DLC and (when it comes to PC users) the fact that the game seems to be a port of the console edition – including one reference to not turning off the ‘console’ while saving.
Of the PC version, Metacritic user ‘Aetheryn’ (scoring it 0/10) says “it’s not worth the hype” and that it’s merely a “4 hour minigame”. While ‘Jinxarm’ (who also award a 0/10) says “The DLC problem today is getting way out of hand, and Valve has stepped far, far beyond anything Activision or EA have done”.
Our own review of Portal 2 weighed in at 96/100, just above the average score awarded by the 28 critic reviews Metacritic is taking into account for the Xbox 360 edition of the game.

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