Metal Gear Solid V

The Metal Gear Online beta was briefly available for the PC yesterday (or today, depending on your timezone), but has since gone offline again due to a possible exploit.

[Update 14 Jan]: It’s back again now. Rest of the original story follows.

Konami’s Robert Peeler (who’s been doing a nice job keeping the PC people informed about various Metal Gear Solid V matters) posted the announcement around 11am Pacific Time.

“Due to a possible exploit, we’ve removed access to the Beta temporarily while a hotfix is being prepared,” it reads. Once the hole is patched up, the beta should become available again. It’s not entirely clear what the exploit was, but it most likely involved the in-game coins used to unlock items.

When Metal Gear Online’s beta does return, here’s how you’ll access it (it’s the usual opt-in through beta tabs thing).

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