Konami has got around to uploading English versions of the three Metal Gear Solid 5 videos shown during the Tokyo Game Show. That means you can see the 24 minute gameplay demo, the Quiet cut-scene and the introduction of eye-patch-wearing wolf-dog DD, complete with English speech.

For people used to the prior voice-actors in earlier Metal Gear Solid games, it could take a while to get used to Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss and Troy Baker as Ocelot.

First up, here’s the main video. A lengthy narrated walkthrough of an operative recovery mission that takes place within a jungle environment. You’ll see plenty of Fulton action (horses, press-ganged soldiers, baby wolves) and some thoroughly entertaining balloon decoys. This video also gives you a look at how Quiet works as a sniping back-up buddy (she can turn invisible and move at rapid speeds, which helps) and a few enterprising uses of equipment.

Things get a bit hairy towards the end, necessitating a quick exit.

Next, it’s Quiet’s cut-scene. She looks to be in a spot of bother considering all the Diamond Dogs keep pointing guns at her and the top brass all seem to agree that she needs to be killed at some point.

Finally, here’s the DD scene. Presumably he’s the same wolf pup rescued during the jungle mission posted just above. He is also adorable.

Metal Gear Solid 5 doesn’t have a release date on any platform, yet. However, Kojima has said it will be out in 2015. Hopefully the PC release will be concurrent with the console ones.

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