Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 arrived on the Vita a short time ago in the form of a collection. These games play nicely with the PS3 versions in that they allow “Transfarring”, a way to share game progress and trophies but missing from the collection is Peace Walker. There are any number of reasons as to why it didn’t make the Vita version but the fact that it’s available on PSN doesn’t exactly justify not including a voucher. The $20 extra dollars Vita owners spend to match the console collection brings the retail price $20 higher than when the console version released. With this information out of the way, we can dive into why the Vita version is still worthy of your attention.


You still get Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty aka Convolution, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater aka Origins, two retro Metal Gears and the majority of the additional content that these titles provided…all in the palms of your hands. Two of the highest regarded titles of any generation, anywhere and anytime. It’s quite an accomplishment to say the least.

Incoming Call!

Colonel: Snake, do you read me Snake?

Snake: What is it Colonel? I was just playing some Little Big Planet.

Colonel: No time for that. I need you to conduct a Reviewing Mission.

Snake: Reviewing Mission! What’s that?

Colonel: A Reviewing Mission is…

Sackboy: Hey are you guys gonna be a while? We still gotta situation here in Carnivalia.

Colonel: Not now Sackboy! This Reviewing Mission should have been done a long time ago.

Snake: But Colonel, it seems like these missions have been reviewed over and over, just on different platforms.

Sackboy: Did somebody say “platforms”?

Colonel: Damn it! I swear to… if you interrupt one more time I’m gonna…

Snake: Calm down Colonel, just let me save my progress then I’ll close the application. Alright done!

Colonel: I hear your concerns Snake but this is the first time you’ve appeared on the Vita. These re-mastered classics take advantage of a vibrant OLED screen, trophy support and front, as well as rear touch interfaces. Your mission is to review how all these features come together.

Snake:  Hmm! So this isn’t a Sneaking Mission?

Colonel: On the contrary, we want as many people to know about this as possible.

Snake: I see! I’ll be in touch Colonel.

Reviewing Mission

What we have in The Metal Gear Collection is a faithful HD re-mastering of two PS2 classics. The front and rear touch interfaces are integrated well but at times can feel pointless. This is the case when peeking around corners by dragging a finger on the screen rather just using the analog stick. It works but we’ve spent so many years doing it the traditional way.


The feature that can be a little annoying is the rear touch pad. You’ll find yourself constantly knifing the air or inadvertently knocking on a surface because you’ve accidentally tapped the rear of the Vita. It’s nothing you won’t eventually get used to but you can count on doing something you didn’t plan.

Sound is great but can only be truly appreciated with headphones. Whether in the jungle or on an oil rig…

Incoming Call!!!

Colonel: Snake! What’s your progress on that Reviewing Mission?

Snake: I was just finishing up when you…

Colonel: Never mind that now. Have you ever seen the movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted”?

Snake: I can’t say that I have. Why are you guys always so random?

Colonel: The point I’m trying to make is that… great, now I’m confused! This Reviewing Mission has just had me on edge, rations haven’t tasted the same and it’s been days since I hit the sack.

Snake: Uh-oh!


+ Hours and hours of classic Metal Gear in your pocket

+ Shared game saves between PS3 and Vita


– No Peace Walker

– Touch control requires adapting



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