Metro 2033: DLC Production Has Begun

THQ and 4A have revealed that work has begun on DLC for Metro 2033.  Despite a recent interview in which THQ’s Huw Benyon said that there were no plans for DLC, it was today revealed that work is already underway on new content for the game. A post on the official Facebook page reveals that an Xbox 360 title update is incoming which, as well as adding a few control tweaks, allows the developer to add new content to the game. “There’s a couple of reasons for this- primarily it’s to allow the game to accept DLC further down the line – with the game now finished, we have been turning our thoughts to potential DLC,” said the post. “We’ve got some ideas, but nothing we can talk about right now other than to say it won’t be new SP narrative content, ‘missing levels’ or anything like that – it’s something we’re only just starting production on.” Those hoping for multiplayer will be disappointed as the post also confirms that while MP “would bevery cool,” it is “sadly not possible…”  

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