Metro 2033 free on Humble Store

Metro Redux - 03
This is Metro 2033 Redux, but the original is quite a looker even now.

The rather wonderful post-apocalyptic stealth/FPS/horror game Metro 2033 is completely free on the Humble Store, for today only.

As a celebration of the Humble Store’s first birthday, there are a few decent discounts on games – Batman: Arkham Origins for £3.74 being one of the biggest standouts – but there’s also a completely free game, and that just so happens to be Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 was recently re-released as Metro 2033 Redux, which brought it in line with its sequel Metro: Last Light by porting it into the latest version of the engine and tweaking a load of little things, but if you don’t already own it then it’s easily worth the price of £0.00. It casts you as Artyom, a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse living in Moscow’s cavernous expanse of Metro tunnels, where raiders and bandits aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. All sorts of mutated monstrosities are lurking in the tunnels and on the irradiated surface, and there are rumours of something even worse just waiting for an opportunity to strike.

It’s excellent, and is totally worth picking up. All you have to do to get it is head on over to this page and type in your email address, and you’ll get a key for the game emailed directly to you. You can even grab a copy to gift to someone else, if you fancy.

You’ve got about 19 hours from the time of writing to get your key, and said key has to be redeemed before 21 November.

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