Metro Exodus

Ever since its release last year, Metro Exodus has been quite the ride for players of intense first-person shooter games. And it’s not over yet, as the second major downloadable content for the game has officially arrived from Deep Silver and 4A Games. In Sam’s Story, players take control of a U.S. marine/Spartan ranger as he attempts to return to his homeland. The journey is far from easy, though. He will fight his way through Vladivostok’s ravaged buildings and districts in an effort to survive.

The expansion’s trailer is posted below, and it shows just how rough of a journey Sam will have on his hands. Players will run across an expansive “sandbox survival” level, dealing with both human and inhuman enemies. It’ll also feature more weapon and mutant variants, as well as new characters that add to the storyline.

Do you have what it takes to complete Sam’s Story?

Overall, the downloadable content adds an extra five hours of gameplay. In addition, players looking for a challenge will want to crank up the difficulty and see if they can survive this nightmare. Conserve that ammo, folks.

The expansion is available by itself for $16.99 USD. However, those that purchased the game’s expansion pass can download it for free, alongside the previously released DLC, The Two Colonels.

The debut of Sam’s Story couldn’t be timelier, as Metro Exodus is about to open up to a new audience. After spending months as an exclusive to Epic Games Store, it’s finally ready to debut on Steam starting on February 15. Those interested in picking it up on that storefront should get ready for its arrival. The expansion pass contents are already available for purchase, for those that are curious.

Metro Exodus is available now. The real question is if you’re ready to see how Sam’s Story comes to a close.

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