April 20th, 2017

Metro Last Light pre-loads and System Shock 2 now on Steam

System Shock 2

A couple of interesting nuggets up on Steam this evening with news that System Shock 2 is now available to buy.

The classic System Shock 2 is ready for purchase on Steam for a very reasonable £4.99 which is 30% off until 17 May. If you’ve not played it before or simply want a copy on Steam then we urge you to snap this one up, it’s a classic. You may have already purchased this on GOG but we thought you should know this alternative is now available.

In other Steam news, ahead of its release next week, Metro Last Light is now pre-loading so if you pre-ordered, fire up your steam and get ready for launch. You can still pre-order and snap up the Ranger Mode, Modified Russian Rifle and Extra Grade Military Bullets. The game costs £34.99 in case you were wondering.

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