June 22nd, 2017

Metro: Last Light’s Developer Pack released, contains MANY SPIDERS

metro last light

Metro: Last Light‘s third DLC pack, the Developer Pack, has been released. If you’re arachnophobic, scurry for cover.

The Developer Pack contains two new “missions.” The first – from which the DLC gets its name – is an area containing a Museum, a Shooting Range, and an AI Arena; you can look at a bunch of the game’s character and monster models close up, test out whatever weapons you like, and pit beasties against beasties. It is, I suspect, a 10-minute diversion. I say this because I messed around in it for 10 minutes and now I’m pretty much done with it.

The real meat is unfortunately in the new Spiders’ Nest mission, which puts you in… look, do I even need to explain? There are lots of spiders. Fortunately, you’ll have the new Flamethrower weapon to help you out, and considering Metro‘s spiders aren’t a big fan of light or heat, I’d imagine it’ll be fairly effective. Not that I’m ever going to find out, because there’s no way in hell I’m firing up that mission.

Metro: Last Light‘s Developer Pack is available for £3.49, although it’s also part of the £11.99 Season Pass, so make sure you don’t buy it again if you already have that.

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