Metro: Last Light

    4A Games has given us a fresh glimpse at the damp and squalor of Metro: Last Light in this biblical-hued “Genesis” trailer. It paints a bleak old picture of a world falling apart for humanity, and shows a bit more gameplay from the upcoming title. As you might expect from a Metro game, there are dark, sinister things that want to eat your face (and other body parts) lurking in the subways.

    In conjunction with this trailer release, 4A is giving away Metro 2033 (the first Metro title) for the price of a Facebook “like” (ie; nothing save for your dignity). If you head here, give a grovelling like, click on “reveal the code” and accept the app, you should get a copy of Metro 2033 that registers on Steam. This is “while stocks last,” so keys may run out at some point.

    Metro: Last Light is scheduled for a March 2013 release.

    Peter Parrish

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