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A crappy, compressed YouTube screenshot isn’t the best method of showing this off but, well, you can see the difference.

4A Games don’t go about this remastering business in a half-hearted way, if this rapid run through the changes in Metro Redux are anything to go by. Of the pair (Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) it’s 2033 that’s seen the broadest range of improvements.

Metro Redux is putting the original game in Last Light’s engine, bringing all the inherent graphical boosts you’d expect from that move. Gameplay aspects like stealth kills, improved AI and gas mask wiping will also now make their appearance in the new 2033.

A fair bit of this video is dedicated to the console versions, in the sense that “solid 60fps,” while nice, is something that it was already possible to achieve with the PC versions of these games. But there’s no denying that things like the exterior wastelands look nicer in the Metro Redux version of 2033. It’s also noted that certain loading screens have been removed, making transitions between scenes a lot more natural.

If you can manage it, the PC versions will run at 4k resolutions.

Weather effects, global illumination and brand new skyboxes are now present in both titles. Metro: Last Light’s Redux version will come with all of the released DLC.

Ranger mode (which removes the HUD, among other things) will be an option in both games, as will ‘Spartan’ and ‘Survival’ modes. The latter will make ammo scarce and force you to think carefully about conserving your equipment.

Watch the “Uncovered” video below for the full run-down on Metro Redux changes. Both Redux titles will be released on 26 August. If you already own either of the games on Steam, you should be eligible for a 50% discount on the remasters.

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