June 22nd, 2017

Metro(n): Metro: Last Light’s Tower Pack goes all virtual

Metro Last Light Tower Pack - 2

Deep Silver have announced that the Tower Pack for Metro: Last Light will hit Steam next week, on 3 September.

The Tower Pack is the second of the four planned Metro: Last Light DLC packs, and this one sees you chasing high scores as you make your way to the top of a virtual challenge tower. Each floor offers a different environment and a different set of enemies, and you’ll need a degree of skill with all kinds of weapons to top the leaderboards. Judging by these screenshots, the usual damp and gritty Metro atmosphere mmmmmight be a taking a backseat to Tron-esque virtual environments and some cleaner, more brightly lit Portal-like testing grounds.

Still to come are the Developer Pack (featuring a Shooting Gallery, an AI Arena, a Metro Museum, and – sigh – a Spiders’ Nest mission) and the Chronicles Pack (casting you as Pavel, Anna, and Khan and Ulman in three missions that look at what they were doing when away from Artyom).

But you’re probably more interested in the pack that’s about to be released, so: five screenshots of the Tower Pack are below. And, in case you’ve already forgotten, it’s out on 3 September. I hope you’re better with your guns than you are with your memory.

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