Pretty much the best Michel Ancel picture I could find.

French gaming media sites are reporting that Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel is getting involved with an indie outfit called Wild Sheep Studios. Here’s a probably slightly dubious Google translation effort of French site gameblog.fr covering that story.

For those people, like me, who instantly started worrying about never seeing Beyond Good & Evil 2, it seems that Ancel is still part of Ubisoft too and maintaining his position there as creative director.

The indie set-up, dubbed Wild Sheep Studios (has somebody been reading Murakami?) is headed by former Ubisoft employee CĂ©line Tellier and is said to also involve musician Christophe Heral.

Wild Sheep Studios are Montpellier-based and said to be working on an original title of some sort. Well, obviously, since they’re a game studio. One of the French sources is speculating about a GamesCom reveal, but that may well just be guesswork.

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