Michel Ancel joins new indie studio, but remains at Ubisoft

Pretty much the best Michel Ancel picture I could find.

French gaming media sites are reporting that Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel is getting involved with an indie outfit called Wild Sheep Studios. Here’s a probably slightly dubious Google translation effort of French site gameblog.fr covering that story.

For those people, like me, who instantly started worrying about never seeing Beyond Good & Evil 2, it seems that Ancel is still part of Ubisoft too and maintaining his position there as creative director.

The indie set-up, dubbed Wild Sheep Studios (has somebody been reading Murakami?) is headed by former Ubisoft employee Céline Tellier and is said to also involve musician Christophe Heral.

Wild Sheep Studios are Montpellier-based and said to be working on an original title of some sort. Well, obviously, since they’re a game studio. One of the French sources is speculating about a GamesCom reveal, but that may well just be guesswork.

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