Microbe or Aceles in Starfield: Which one should you choose?

Starfield A Legacy Forged Microbes Or Aceles
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During the A Legacy Forged UC Vanguard mission in Starfield, you need to decide between using Aceles or Microbes to kill the Terromorphs. The goal is to end the Terromorph race with either another species called Aceles or with a Microbes bioweapon. What are the results of both Microbes and Aceles in Starfield? I’ll show you.

Note: If you’re tired of making decisions, use the cheat code perk IDs to unlock every skill in Starfield with console commands.

Should you choose Aceles or Microbes in Starfield?

It’s not a question of if the Terromorphs will die in Starfield, it’s a matter of how. Regardless of your decision, the Terromorphs will die.

The Aceles are the only species capable of hunting and eliminating the Terromorphs, but this could take a long time and create another threat. Microbes are the quicker solution that eliminates the Terromorphs, but nearby flora and fauna will be affected.

This seems like a really big decision, and it is, but surprisingly, the decision you make doesn’t change the rewards, XP, or credits. In my research, I discovered that there are no ramifications either way. You’ll end the mission the same way without any major differences.

With the weight of decision paralysis off your shoulders, feel free to pick whichever decision you like best or fits your character best. If you’re playing a good character, I suggest going the more natural and ethical route by picking Aceles. If you’re playing an evil build, go with the Microbes since it’s a little less ecological and a little more heartless.

The only thing to watch out for with the Aceles or Microbes decision is watching for how your companions may react. Surprisingly, Sarah Morgan likes it if you choose Microbes. If you want to learn more about each companion’s likes and dislikes, we’ve got a guide for you.

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