When Microsoft recently announced that they were going to start selling Xbox One consoles without the Kinect, there were concerns that the Kinect feature was going to be abandoned Microsoft. This has been refuted by Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb who explained in his latest podcast that the Kinectless Xbox One is just there to give consumers a choice.

“We are not discontinuing Kinect or support for it. We still have a whole team of folks working on that. But we want to give everybody who would like to get in on the Xbox One action an opportunity,” Said Nelson.

It’s good to hear that Microsoft are not abandoning the Kinect as its voice commands and features have been well recieved by reviewers. The Kinectless Xbox One will be available from June 9th and will cost $399, though it doesn’t come with a Kinect, you will be able to buy them separately and use them with your Xbox One if you change your mind.

Source: Gamespot

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