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Soon to be Microsoft’s Mojang?

If accurate, I imagine this would end up being a bigger deal in consoleland than on PC, but the Wall Street Journal seem moderately convinced that Microsoft are going to buy Mojang. It’s not easy to tell a great deal beyond that because to read the entire piece you need a WSJ subscription. Which I don’t have.

Helpfully, the opening lines (which can be read) seem to a fair bit of the story’s substance.

The WSJ’s hot source is “a person with knowledge of the matter,” which is about as vague as you can get. Mind you, a similar “person close to the companies” had the right idea about the Twitch-Amazon deal a few weeks back.

Anyway, Microsoft would supposedly be buying the Swedish-based Minecraft developer for a deal “valued at more than $2 billion” and it could go through “as early as this week.”

Selling out to Microsoft seems like a most un-Notch-like thing to do, but perhaps the allure of $2 billion would be too strong. Not that he’d be lacking in cash to begin with having invented Minecraft.

As far as Microsoft’s strategy goes, I have no idea. Presumably they’d like the sound of “Minecraft 2, only on Xbox.” Either that, or Mojang is quietly developing something else utterly amazing. Or Microsoft really like Scrolls.

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