Turns out it doesn’t take much to blow my mind. A simple logo change from one of the world’s biggest companies and my brain has ended up as a red/pink splodge spread messily across the wall of my ‘office’.

    Despite the risk of mass head explosions, Microsoft has decided to change its logo and include the unmistakable Windows squares. The previous logo had stood for 25 years.

    To make it obvious: the top logo is new, the bottom logo is old. It’s already present on the Microsoft website.  Previous logos have been:

    microsoft logo 1975 - 1979

    1975 - 1979

    microsoft logo 1980 - 1981

    1980 - 1981

    microsoft logo 1982 - 1986

    1982 - 1986

    microsoft logo 1987 - 2012

    1987 - 2012

    Coinciding with the release of Windows 8 later this year, the new logo is sharper and… more involved with 90 degree angles. Makes sense, I suppose, given the style of the company’s Metro OS that’ll be appearing on Windows 8 tablets, phones and PCs.

    Anyway, big question: do I like it? Yes, it’s better than the old one. That was shit.

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