Microsoft files a patent for an Xbox controller featuring a touchscreen

Microsoft Files A Patent For An Xbox Controller Featuring A Touchscreen Featured Image

The Xbox controller has gone through many facelifts, not just in how it looks but in how they play. Catering to more play styles, Microsoft revealed an Elite Series controller, on top of the usuals. These controllers have everything that could make your gaming a little easier. Much like the other controllers, the pro-line has gone through a few facelifts itself.  This time around, the company is at it again. Microsoft has filed a patent for an Xbox controller featuring a touchscreen. Having a screen in front could make the controller more versatile. Continue reading to see the features that are being proposed.

Microsofts new patent for the Xbox Controller could store useful data

In a newly discovered filing uncovered by GameRant, Microsoft’s patent aims to make the Xbox controller feature an LCD touchscreen. The patent also describes the controller’s touchscreen showing in-game menus and other data like what music is being heard. The screen is suggested to be fitted on the front middle, akin to the PlayStation’s Dual Sense. The LCD screen would share other important information like battery life, which device is plugged in, and which profile is logged on.  Additionally, it seems like you can change load-outs via the touch screen, which would suggest that it can be done on the fly. Since cloud gaming is accessible on Xbox via Game Pass, the screen could also show if you’re playing on the cloud or not.

While patents are not definitive and change over time, we should take this latest filing with a grain of salt. On the other hand, it does show us which direction Microsoft is aiming to go. While the Xbox Series X controller isn’t as much a step above its predecessor, this filing could make a difference. In turn, the controller can compete with the Dual Sense, offering unique features as well.

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