Windows 11 Long Boot Splash

In a world that is now starting to embrace SSDs more and more, the act of suffering through grueling, several-minute boot times is becoming more and more scarce. But, what if, despite outfitting your PC with a nice SSD, updating your drivers, and keeping viruses at bay, you still somehow managed to get hit with boot times that weren’t just a few minutes long, but lasted almost an entire hour? That exactl boot time issue has been plaguing some Windows 11 users for a little while now, and Microsoft has finally put a stop to it.

With the rollout of update KB5012643 for Windows 11, Microsoft has fixed memory leaks that caused some users to experience boot-ups that ran as long as 40 minutes. This was spotted by the team over at Guru3D, who stated that the update is available as an “optional download.” According to them, a full, monthly update of Windows 11 will roll out on May 10.


Hold your horses, no longer

The official release notes for the update indicate that the aforementioned memory leak was found with PCs that stayed on for 24 hours a day. Some personal users may find themselves doing this, but the problem most likely affected people who work in businesses where they rarely ever shut down or restart their computers, such as those that make use of Windows for their point-of-sale systems.

Windows 11 Unsupported Updates install requirements update

Image Credit: Microsoft

This same update also fixed a bug that would prevent a PC from starting entirely, and it made some other tweaks, such as adding “improvements for servicing the Secure Boot component of Windows.”

With this update now available to download, you can grab it by simply making use of the Windows Update utility that’s over in the Settings menu. You can also access it by typing “Windows Update” in the Start menu.

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