Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Details Touching Down Next Week (2)

Calling all aspiring pilots! Your chance to step into the cockpit will arrive shortly. The alpha of Microsoft Flight Simulator has allowed players to take to the skies, and an upcoming beta will soon help more to have this opportunity. Asobo Studios has not yet given any indication as to what the closed beta will entail, but a roadmap update previously pegged it to start in mid-July. Thus, we will likely start receiving updates as soon as this week. That hope has been backed up by a new update from the team.

Air superiority

This should all come via the development update that will shed more light on the release of the closed beta. In the short update, the team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator simply shared that on July 2, players can expect “a release date for Alpha 5, and a timeline for the Closed Beta release.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Details Touching Down Next Week (1)

The move from alpha to beta will likely ring in a number of other changes. The community is no doubt excitedly anticipating what those changes may be. Meanwhile, for those players already enjoying the alpha, you will get to continue the fun in the closed beta as well. The devs will send out more invitations for the alpha as well. Of course, before the closed beta drops, the Alpha 5 update will drop, which will see even more content for pilots to fiddle with. All in all, Microsoft Flight Simulator fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

Realism redefined

As part of the update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team also shared more in their Partnership Series update. NAVBLUE is the latest partner coming on board. NAVBLUE will provide real-world aeronautical data to Microsoft, helping to make the experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator even more authentic. Its Navigation+ and Charts+ services will allow pilots to see genuine information about all things aviation when the full game launches.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Details Touching Down Next Week (1)

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