Microsoft Flight Simulator finally gets a new patch to fix various bugs and crashes

Microsoft Flight Simulator Baron Cockpit

After announcing it a few days ago, the developers behind Microsoft Flight Simulator have now formally rolled out a patch to address various issues that players have been having with the sim. Patch fixes a variety of bugs and game crashes caused by different things.

Cleared for takeoff

Some would-be simmers have had trouble even getting off the ground, as there have been reports of installer issues. This patch addresses that problem and Asobo is encouraging those with the issue to first do a clean install of the sim. That involves completely removing all game data that you have on your storage drives. To help with this, Asobo has created some instructional guides to to repair/remove the installs for the Steam and also Microsoft Store/Game Pass versions of the title.

No matter what you have, once it’s all uninstalled, you’re advised to run a search to verify that the sim has been completely wiped, especially if you installed the game to anywhere else but your default drive (where Windows is installed).

Copy and paste either Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe or MicrosoftFlightSimulator into your Search box in File Explorer to make sure.

Other issues that have been fixed include the sim no longer crashing when a peripheral is connected or disconnected. I personally experienced this. If I forget to plug my joystick in or if I have to reconnect my Xbox One controller after it goes auto-off, this would have crashed the sim.

Another problem Flight Simulator owners have experienced is lag when they switch on the “Display Name Plates” option. The name plates are used to identify live traffic and also any other players that are currently online. This patch has taken care of this issue as well.

You can read the full Flight Simulator patch notes here.

While other issues are still persistent in Microsoft Flight Simulator, Asobo has not formally addressed them yet. Hopefully though, it won’t be too long before we see another patch.

Despite these issues, however, Flight Simulator has still been very well received by most. If you have the sim already, check out how to download and install some new free add-ons. If you’re thinking about getting the sim but are not sure which edition to pickup, read here why you should consider going for the cheapest option. 

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