Microsoft Flight Simulator Setting The Course With Great Britain Update (1)

With the world physically cut off from one end to the other, any form of escapism is still welcome at this stage. One of the best ways of doing that has been through Microsoft Flight Simulator. The flight sim launched to great fanfare, and it is obvious why. The realism and attention to detail meant that exploring the world was still a possibility, not to mention great fun especially if you have your flight stick set up nicely. Support for the game has been quite constant, and following the massive USA update, fans can look forward to even more. Asobo Studio has announced the Microsoft Flight Simulator Great Britain update is coming next.

As part of the new update, there will be new terrain and map data added. This will apply to the regions of England, Wales, and Scotland. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland loses out in this particular addition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Great Britain update will also see 50 to 60 new points of interests plotted in for the region. Newer airports, such as the Manchester Barton or the Liverpool EEGP will be available in the game.

As part of the procedural generation in Microsoft Flight Simulator, players will see cathedrals and churches. Other types of buildings are to be expected as well. Bing will be providing new aerial data, so we can expect general upgrades for the map across all three countries.

The world is your oyster

During the announcement, developer Jorg Neumann did mention that data for Northern Ireland was not yet available. However, it appears likely that the whole of Ireland would be included at some point. This could follow after the Great Britain update as its own update.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Setting The Course With Great Britain Update (2)

Nevertheless, the world may be getting smaller, but the world inside Microsoft Flight Simulator is only getting bigger and more detail. While there is not much flying going on in the real world, you can explore to your heart’s content in the virtual world.

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