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Asobo has officially addressed the controversy surrounding the side effects of Sim Update V that was recently released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Not only has the studio acknowledged the issues, but it has also confirmed that a new hotfix (a second one) will be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator within the next few days. This news comes following the release of Hotfix #1 which was deployed shortly after the release of Sim Update V.

Following the release of Sim Update V, which was supposed to be the heralded performance patch, reports from PC players rapidly flooded in citing major issues. These issues were primarily related to graphical issues and the stability of the sim. The most glaring of such issues is the degradation of ground scenery at high altitudes, and a very noticeable pop-in effect of scenery and scenery objects (like buildings, vehicles, etc.)


In a recent forum post, Asobo admitted that these issues, among others, are present and all stem from bugs found in the sim’s code. The aforementioned hotfix will work to squash these bugs, as well as provide relief for other issues including the lack of volumetric lighting, improvement of cloud visual fidelity, a fix for altitude-related ATC operations, and address temperature spikes in the weather system.

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Supply drop incoming

Asobo apologized for the “gap in communication” following the discovery of these issues. The team also provided comments on a few other issues that would take a little more time to fix. This includes crash-to-desktop errors and a fix for stuttering when the camera is panned. Both of these issues are expected to be fixed by the time World Update 6 rolls around, which releases on August 24.

As for the release of this second post-update Microsoft Flight Simulator hotfix, it’s planned to roll out by August 6 (Friday), though it has been mentioned that it could potentially be delayed until August 9 (Monday). In any case, some of the most egregious of the issues currently plaguing Microsoft Flight Simulator players on PC is just a week out from being fixed.

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