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Asobo Studio released a development news update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it includes a lot of new details that should be of key interest to players. The main takeaway from it are details surrounding patch #2, which is set to address major issues with the sim such as performance hiccups, live weather bugs, and much more. It will tackle problems that the community has been the most annoyed by, and will come ”within the next days.” That said, you can expect to be downloading the next Microsoft Flight Simulator patch by September 20.

Patch #2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will include fixes for a wide variety of core aspects of the sim such as the ATC, UI, aerodynamics, aircraft, cockpit visuals and animation, avionics, aircraft systems, and more. Issues affecting these various parts of the simulator have been widely reported and lambasted by many members of the growing community. While the issues have not been game-breaking, it has left a bad taste in the mouth of some players. Now, it looks like Microsoft Flight Simulator will be soaring in much more favorable conditions.


Clearer skies ahead

This patch is far more comprehensive than patch #1, which rolled out to Microsoft Flight Simulator at the beginning of the month. Comparing the details for both updates, it’s clear that the first patch was quickly created to get more people up and running, as many customers complained about installer and loading issues. With those bugs squashed, the developers were able to pay more attention to the actual gameplay experience.

Having played and reviewed the sim before launch, I can say that the first patch has already made things a lot better than my initial playthrough. So, I’m personally looking forward to seeing how much further patch #2 will push the needle. Here’s to hoping it makes certain aircraft more of a joy to fly without having to worry about a bug ruining a multi-hour flight.

Microsoft Flight Simulator patch Cirrus Sr22 Oregon Mist2

New toys

Beyond game improvements, there have also been additions to Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s in-game marketplace. This includes various new add-on airports from various studios like ORBX, Gaya Simulations, and FSDREAMTEAM. There’s even a free airport from Aerosoft, which is Germany’s Paderborn-Lippstadt.

A new aircraft is also now available, the Kitfox STI from BT Studio. It’s another bush plane, but an affordable one with a price-tag of $8.99 USD. Asobo also highlighted that existing products have been updated, including the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe upgrades for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s unclear what was changed, however.

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