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Asobo launches beta for Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 10

Calling all captains!
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Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon receive its next major update, Sim Update 10. While this update was originally meant to release this month, Asobo pushed it back to give the devs extra time to iron out any oddities and issues. Now, Asobo is asking the community to help with this endeavor by means of a new beta. As highlighted in the official announcement post, the objective of the community during the Sim Update 10 beta is to “verify stability and performance improvements”, “ensure that the release notes are accurate”, and to “identify regressions that may have taken place due to code changes.”

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Asobo is looking for bugs both large and small. It encourages beta testers to “report any significant regression from the current live version.”


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Those who want to participate in the beta can do so through the Xbox Insider Hub app. Steam users are also able to participate. Asobo’s forum post provides more exact instruction on how to join.

Barring any more delays, Sim Update 10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator fully releases on August 23. It will include a slew of new features and improvements, such as improved implementation of DX12, support for Nvidia DLSS, cloud layer improvements, and more.

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Smoothing out the skies

This call-to-action for meticulousness stems from the reason why Sim Update 10 was delayed in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, the goal is to ensure this new update rolls out as smoothly as possible. The previous update, Sim Update 9, has continued to plague users across the board with hiccups like bad framerates, stuttering, crash-to-desktops, and the like.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has garnered a reputation for its updates fixing some issues while creating others. Thus, Asobo has formally stepped away from its previous goal of rolling out a new major update every month. Instead, it wants to give its teams time to thoroughly ensure they can maintain stability and quality.

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